February 23, 2012

Iron shoulder

"The teacher, your shoulders scar much like a spike." "No, I said more like a medal." After listening to the words of the students, he laughed pet hotel. Zhang Yongchang, Yongfeng high school chemistry teacher, member of Communist Party, has repeatedly been rated as the Nehe municipal exemplary teachers, educating people in Qiqihar City advanced individuals, key teachers. Approachable, tall students affectionately called him Teacher Zhang. He touched the scar, that thrilling scene rose before his eyes -

At 10:00 on the June 28th, the weather is hot. The Nehe Fifth. A bell rang, and the end of the history subject test, increased examination in early 2011 came to an end. Candidates out of the brisk pace of the examination room. School outside the street north of the, Yongfeng center school candidates is a collection of teacher Zhang Yongchang, Sunde Feng and several led leadership in the roll call. Boys and girls in talking about the book questions. Suddenly, the girls team is receding, and was issued a scream. Then, examination Bidai also soared into the air.
Zhang Yongchang Seeing at the front, the flow looked good, there are several thugs rushed into the team, is chasing the unarmed students. Students can not hurt, can not let go of the criminals, mind passing this idea. He has to bypass the row head, shouted, "Stop", left hand grabbed Li Jun, to embrace him in the arms of thugs knifed in the right shoulder of the Teacher Chang, red with blood arm, the other poor brandished a knife and rushed criminals, Zhang teacher left flash, turn around, cover your Li Jun, the knife again to cut the shoulders of the Teacher Chang, he refrained from pain, struggling to launch surrounded by Li Jun, a free hand to fight with the criminals. Students around us, but, looking at the hands of the armed gang of criminals, not stepped forward to help the situation dangerous 淡化細紋. Several thugs around Shoujiyankuai, he grabbed the hand of a scoundrel, his strong warrant gangsters struggling do not go out, criminals, and an occasion to put pressure in the body. See his accomplices were caught, other gangsters brandishing Killer, dagger together toward Zhang Yongchang. Knife, a knife - he vacated the other hand, fought against, and rushed the students shouted "quick alarm, do not come up." At this point, director Zhang Changwei and several leaders of the team behind the drive to come and help. Seeing this, the gangsters got cold feet.
"With a belt." Zhang Zhangwei sentence reminded the students. There are a few boys out of the belt came up. Criminals looked to escape the jump.
Chase - "
With the terrain, the criminals run fast.
"The Great Teacher Chang injured." Are chasing criminals teachers and students heard the news rushed back. Large teacher's right shoulder, the blood soaked blue T-shirts, the whole body stained with blood, sweat and blood trickling from his face, hands still tightly pressed with criminals. The students were crying, anger. Allows you to cut our teachers, so you cut teachers - came up the kicking criminals, "Do not hit the alarm did not? Student was not injured?" Cried the big teacher.
A student to be chopped.
The police arrived.
The criminals were taken away.
Large sheet of teachers in the hospital.
Him with multiple injuries, the shoulders of a dozen stitches. Students refused to go home at the hospital with a large sheet of teachers; parents heard the news, teacher injured big farm lay down their hands, came to the hospital; colleagues came to leadership; phone call from all directions - - after someone asked him the face of so many criminals, are you afraid? He said: I'm afraid, but I am more afraid of my students hurt. I have no choice, I am a teacher.
Arm, built love embankment, his hands fighting Xiong Wan, distress remarkable qualities of the words and deeds of the present moral character. Yongfeng central schools is that there are a lot of his love life and professional noble morality, business mastery of teacher education and teaching a series of fruitful outcome in the 2011 exam, was admitted to the 25 key senior high school, two of which the first ten (first, seventh), 40 general high school, secondary, school results ranked first in the city cleaning service.

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